We are a Creative
Talent Agency

We are a creative talent agency that partners with amazing talent and innovative companies to bring the beauty of art to the eyes of the masses.
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Worldwide Creatives

We build synergies

BlockCreative will facilitate brands' access to global talent and enable creatives to finally receive the attention that their craft deserves, forging lasting and powerful partnerships.

For Brands

- Access worldwide talent

- Have a dedicated agent

- Bring innovation into your brand


- Enter new markets

- Harness IP strategies

- Surprise your costumers with creativity

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Worldwide Brands

We empower creativity via NFTs

We will focus on bridging the innovation of NFTs with the needs and requirements of worldwide brands to enter this new digital era.

For Creatives

- Showcase your art

- Be seen by worldwide brands

- Enter a community of creators


- Have a dedicated support

- Work on new and exciting projects

- Expand the reach of your art

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Located globally to support your success


Our San Diego office is strategically located to offer you all the nuances of the American market. Our staff is ready to assist with your project, no matter how big or small!

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Whether you’re looking to get started in Europe or improve your existing presence on the continent, we got you cover.

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We help international companies expand and grow in Latam by providing multilingual services.

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Serving Southern Europe with our presence and connections in the Spanish market.

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