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Though the things we stand for are that huge, standing isn’t our way of getting things done. We mean every word of it, and here is why.

Self Improvement

Blocklead has its own ‘university’, which is an online training center geared towards helping employees understand the company’s culture, values, and role in the world.

Global partnerships

Blocklead delivers and hires internationally, from the United States and Spain to India, South Korea and Switzerland. We are proud to be a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies.


Being part of the team is a great advantage in the job market. We help improve skills by rewarding improvement training, providing technical literature, workshops and salary increases.

Work-life balance

Our community has adapted to pandemic calls by staying away but sticking together. Whenever we have the opportunity, we hold outdoor meetings.

Social & environmental initiatives

Blocklead supports charity and philanthropy, practices giving and aims to create opportunities. Our flagship projects span the sharing, green and decentralized economy.

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Haven’t found a position?

Have you been searching for a new position but not finding anything suitable? You may be the professional we need, we just don't know it yet.

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Whatever your career aspirations, Blocklead is the place to go to reach the top. Set the bar high and you'll be sure to push the limits.

Our team is delicately supportive and welcoming of initiative - expect a great environment for education and growth on all terms, along with pure communication fun with like-minded professionals passionate about innovation.

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Located globally to support your success


Our San Diego office is strategically located to offer you all the nuances of the American market. Our staff is ready to assist with your project, no matter how big or small!

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Whether you’re looking to get started in Europe or improve your existing presence on the continent, we got you cover.

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We help international companies expand and grow in Latam by providing multilingual services.

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Serving Southern Europe with our presence and connections in the Spanish market.

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