BlockAcademy is a Web 3 learning suite designed to onboard the next billion people into the space.

Learning crypto cannot and should not be solely tied to expensive and highly technical courses which exclude most people from joining the space.

Written Pieces

First and foremost we will give you the basis to understand the space with very simple theoretical explanations. Simplicity lies at the core of fostering Web 3 mainstream adoption, and as such we are driven by it.


• Institutional grade reports

• Web 3 Insights

• DeFi Analysis

• Market Analysis

Web 3 Lectures

• DeFI

• Blockchain Fundamentals

• NFTs and their Utilities

• Trading and Investing

Master Classes

Bringing to your homes experts within different fields of the Web 3 landscape to know first hand what it means to build a Web 3 company, DeFi products, scale Ethereum and much more!

Blockchain Experts

• Layer 1, 2, 3 & 4

• Scalability Protocols

• Blockchain Functionality

• Web 3 Culture

Web 3 Experts

• Web 3 Culture

• NFTs and metaverses

• NFTs Utilities


Showing you all the necessary tools and steps needed to embark in the Web 3 world, from opening a MetaMask wallet, to buying some ETH, an NFT, writing on, and much more!


• Open a wallet

• Buy Crypto

• Store safely

• Trade and Invest

• Launch your Token

• Build a Smart Contract

• Launch your NFT Collection

Designed to cover every
major topic.

BlockAcademy aims to educate people around the world on Web 3.

BlockAcademy is on a mission to ensure that all people can access education, without financial or institutional barriers.

We believe that every learner should have the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed in an environment that helps them unlock their true potential

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